GOODVIBES project stems from the need to raise awareness of national and international musical artists that are based on the sound of black music (jazz, soul, funk, R & B, neo soul, hip hop, nu jazz, jazz fusion, latin jazz, etc.) The quality of work of the artists we represent brings us the enthusiasm, energy and responsibility to offer our customers excellent musical quality. We have experience in the organization and promotion of events and in the hiring of artists, both national and international. We are based in Barcelona, ​​cosmopolitan and world renoun city that make us visible and give us access to wide global scene. Because we like to give the best of ourselves, we owe it to our artists to achieve full satisfaction of those who hire us and their audience; hence our full commitment to ensure success in any of our events.

 Web programming Din Multimedia.

In collaboration with: Tirs Abril (translations & texts), Nico Castaño (web assistant), David Collar (musical assistant), Seiko Kuwahata (graphic desing) & Jordi Navarro (management).

Good vibes :: Music Promotions :: 2017 – 2023








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